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    Ron Colmen Level 2

      Can someone help me to fix this. It's not working.


      _root.contents.txtool_mc.black_mc.Input_Txt.onChanged = function() {

      for (i=1;i<11;i++){

      this["_root.contents.tool_mc.tool_mc6.hammer_mc.my_Dyn_text"+i].text = _root.contents.txtool_mc.black_mc.Input_Txt.text;


      // do something else


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Here are some basics regarding using the bracket notation that you should commit to memory...


          1) you always need to have some lead-in targeting, but it can be actual targets instead of "this" all the time




          2) a bracket set can only point to one object/element, so there are times when you might need to use more then one in series...




          3) repeating 2, and adding that you should only have a string representation inside the brackets, not a series of instance names...



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            Ron Colmen Level 2

            Thanks for the explanation Ned!!!

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You're welcome Ron

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                Ron Colmen Level 2


                Hi Ned,


                Any ideas why isn't this loop working?


                for (v=1;v<7;v++){

                _root.contents.txtool_mc["fontypeT_mc"+v].my_Input_Txt6.onChanged = function() {

                _root.gm_mc["my_Dyn_Txt"+v].text = _root.contents.txtool_mc["fontypeT_mc"+v].my_Input_Txt6.text;


                for (j=1;j<15;j++){

                _root.contents.txtool_mc["fontypeT_mc"+v].fontlib_mc["my_Dyn_numft"+j].text = _root.contents.txtool_mc["fontypeT_mc"+v].my_Input_Txt6.text;





                2. Also is there a way to make one movieclip to _.visible=true and the rest of the movieclicps _.visible=false in a loop?



                for (i=1; i<fontzA.length; i++){



                var dyofnt_fmt12:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

                fontN[i].onRelease = function() {


                dyofnt_fmt12.font = fontzA[this.ivar];


                _root.gm_mc.my_Dyn_Txt6.embedFonts = true;