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    itemrenderer and validator




      I have a bunch of validators in my application that I create dynamically via actionscript.


      I have an mxml which contains a s:DataGroup.

      The DataGroup contains an itemRenderer.

      In this itemRenderer, I have a combobox which I want to validate with the dynamically created validators.


      I perform the validation like this on the creationComplete of the itemRenderer:



           protected function creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void


                var condition:Condition = data as Condition;

                if(condition.validator != null){

                     condition.validator.source = valuesComboBox.textInput;

                     condition.validator.property= "text";




      Of course, when I do this, the itemrenderer is recycling, and the validator appears in places in which i do not want it to.


      Anybody have any idea how i can work around this problem?