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    Possible Reader Email Spam


      Possible warning

      I received the following email.

      It looks like a spam because of the email address.

      Can someone confirm this?


      From support@email.adobe.com [loyalty@hotels.octopustravel.com]


      The body of the email is as follows




      We are pleased to announce the new Acrobat Reader which will enable  you to view, create, edit and print PDF documents.


      In addition to increased features, the Acrobat  Reader now also contains critical security updates.


      To upgrade your application:

      + Go to http://www.2011-pdf-acrobat-update.com
      + Get your options, download  and upgrade.


      Thank  you for choosing us, the worldwide leader in PDF Reader solutions.


      Mike Robertson
      Customer Care

      Copyright 2011 Adobe  Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.
      Adobe Systems Incorporated
      343  Preston Street
      Ottawa, ON K1S 1N4


      I will save the header info in case anyone wants it.