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    Someone can help me on Socket programming under Flex AIR?

    figures_2007 Level 1

      Hi, Experts on Flash Builder,


      I need to build an FTP  client program in AIR, I used Socket connection to the server, but  after I sent out File in pieces to the server, for example, 8k of binary  formated data, how do I know if the data was received by the server? It  seems after client socket send out the data, even though I saw the  server responded with an ACK packet (with Wireshark though), but the  Flash's ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA is never triggered. And I don't have  the ACK singal, so what I have to do is just wait for another second or  so to send the next packet. But this will make the connection very very  slow and not reliable since the speed is defined like 8k/sec, if the  network speed is very fast, this is definitely a drawback of the client  program.


      So my question is : is there any way to get the  server's receiving ACK by some flag or event in Flash builder's Socket  class after I send out the data? I guess ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA event is not triggered by ACK packet.


      Thanks a lot.