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    Copying threaded textbox


      Hi - in my newspaper, the text is flowing from one page to another with threaded text-boxes. If I copy one of the boxes, and paste it into another document, only the text visible in the box is copied. The text in the threaded textboxes is deleted. Is there a way to keep all the text (as overflow text) when copying/pasting only one of the text-boxes?   Sorry for my bad english - but I hope the indesign-world understand! I use CS4

      Best regards - Johsmic

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Do you mean anchored, as in an object that is locked into a certain postion and moves with the text when editing, or do you mean threaded, which is the term for connecting a series of text frames together to to have text flow in a continuous stream running through them?


          In the case of an anchored object, the object should be coming along when you copy the frame that contains the anchor. In the case of a threaded story, if you want the entire story you must select the text, not the frame, and copy that.

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            johsmic Level 1

            I mean a threaded story. Our xml-export solution is copying text-boxes, and when we have stories over 3 or 4 pages, all the text after page 2 is deleted (One spread can be grouped, but 2 spreads can not..) Very frustrating. So I hoped Indesign had an "hidden" option-box where I cold choose to keep all the text when copying a text-box...

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              More detail please. Your XML solution is a plugin? Or a script?

              It seems strange that it would be worrying about boxes. It should be dealing with Stories, not with TextFrames.

              But it sounds like it has an interactive element? [??]