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    Smart text reflow issue


      I have a facing-page book with two sections and two columns. These have their own master pages. I want to add column breaks to the first section and have the text flow into new pages at the end of the section. Text flows OK in the middle of the section, but gets truncated add the end and no new pages are added. I even manually added blank pages at the end of the section, but the text still does not flow there. I have tried every possible setting combination at Edit>Preferences>Type>Smart text reflow without success. What am I doing wrong?


      InDesign CS5 on a PC in layout view

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          M Blackburn Level 3

          I'm not that familiar with the working of Smart Flow. But as far as I can tell, Smart Flow doesn't acknowledge Sections as defined by the Pages Panel. The only way I get it to work is to break the threading between sections. If I am correct, that means that your attempt to use column break at the end of a section is not going to be enough to trigger Smart Flow adding new pages.


          My conclusions kinda make me wonder what the difference between End of Story and End of Section is in the Smart Flow Preferences though.  Perhaps someone better informed than I will be able to add to (or correct) what I say.


          > I even manually added blank pages


          It seems to be me that that should not work. Smart Flow is going to be automatic or it isn't going to work.