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    Downloading ebooks for ADE


      When I dowload an ebook it gets saved as an ACSM file not an epub. ADE can't read these.  How do  I change this so that they can be read either on my Desktop or my nook?  I can't even read the sample ebooks posted on Adobe's site.


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          The '.ascm. file format is just a tag that tells ADE where the ebook is, how

          big it is and some other data about it.  It may appear when you try to

          download an ebook without having ADE open, or if the site from which you are

          downloading doesn't open ADE when you download.  ADE CAN read these files -

          it's designed to do just that.


          Let me assume that you've registered with Adobe, and you have downloaded ADE

          after that, so it has become an authorized installation of the software.


          Let me assume for a moment also that you're using a Windows PC and you know

          a bit about the Windows utilities.  You can find the location of your

          '.ascm. file using Windows Explorer.  When you do, put your cursor on the

          file name, and right-click.  Then, choose 'Open With' from the drop-down

          menu.  Pick 'Adobe Digital Editions' from the list that appears, and click

          on it.  ADE should appear and open the file.  Once opened, ADE will bring

          the ebook into the 'Reading' pane.  Close the ebook, and ADE should return

          to 'Library' mode.  Next to the word 'Library' in the left hand side of the

          screen, there should be a carat symbol.  If you place your cursor on this

          carat, a drop-down box will appear, and you can pick 'Add Item To Library'.

          A standard Windows PC window will open up, and you can locate the ebook in

          the Digital Editions library.  Pick that name, and ADE will move the ebook

          from its Reading pane into the Library.  A bit complicated, but it works.


          In the future, have ADE open when you go to get a ebook.  That 'should'

          resolve the issue.  (and I'm going to win the Lottery...)


          Hope this helps!


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            Your assumptions are correct, I'm using a Windows PC and I have registered with Adobe.  I did as you first suggested and when I right-click on the document ADE does is not listed as an option to open the file.  I tried your next suggestion tried opening a book directly without having ADE open.  ADE did open but then I received the dialog box asking which program I want to use to open the document and again ADE is not an option.  I have also tried opening with ADE open with no luck.  I have also tried several times to uninstall the software and re-install again with no luck.


            Any and all suggestions are welcome

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              I am having exactly the same problem. ADE is not seeing my new book. I have four books there and the new one is not being recognised by ADE at all.  I have uninstalled, saved, opened, tried everything.  Please help!!