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    Help creating an index in "book"


      I'm having a lot of difficulty getting started on an index of terms for all documents in a book. We usually produce a book as a single document, but now using "book" feature. Adobe help not doing it for me.

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          M Blackburn Level 3

          If you've been making indexes already you probably know most of what's in this tutorial by Michael Murphy, but the tutorial does work with the book feature.




          Maybe the thing to note is that you need to have all the documents open since the index panel only displays references for open documents.

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            m.r.hunter Level 1

            I hadn't considered having all the docs open - I'll check out the tutorial. Thank you.

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              MT.Freelance Level 4

              To create a TOC that spans all chapters of a book, you need to:


              • Define Paragraph Styles that apply to the Book Level TOC
              • Ensure those paragraph styles are synced to all documents
              • USE those paragraph styles consistently for your TOC to recognize
              • Define a TOC style that includes those Paragraph styles
              • Enable the "Include Book Documents" option in the TOC style


              It should be that simple.


              The screenshot below shows a TOC example from a Book that I worked with multiple TOC (book level and chapter level).


              TOC Main is the book level TOC


              The other TOC styles were used on the chapter level (differences in the formatting of the chapters resulted in multiple chapter level TOC styles unfortunately, but it worked).


              Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 2.50.31 PM.png


              ChapTOC is the TOC 'chapter'


              You should not need to have the individual chapters open in order to update your TOC. If, however, your styles are not assigned properly, then you will not be able to generate the TOC.







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              I saw Index and Parsed TOC.


              Sorry, no help here!!!


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