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    how to grab only audio track then separate each channel for use.

    nefl777 Level 1

      Hi all, I have spent time trying to find this answer before posting - but with no luck. Here is my task:


      My project is 1.5 hrs in length.  Inside that project timeline, I have a 2 minute audio / video clip that has music I need. I want to export only the audio. After I do that, I want to grab the second channel and use it for another project.


      I found the 'export' function and created an Aif file but - instead of just the clip I selected, it gave me the entire timeline's audio (huge).


      I also tried to simply select the clip, Copy, and then tried to 'paste' onto my Media window but it wouldn't let me.  Do I have to go to the source media to extract this clip again? doesn't make sense.


      advice on how to proceed? thanks everyone !