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    Opening another timeline crashes Premiere

    funkbomb Level 1

      I started a new project in CS5.5, added elements to timelines, then exported via XML. Then I used PluralEyes to sync up the few timelines that needed audio sync: run the XML through the external program, and re-import the resulting XML files as new sequences. Now, whenever I try to load an original, non-PluralEyes-synced sequence, Premiere crashes instantly.


      This is a serious issue. I have lost all the work I put onto those previous sequences and can't access them at all. At first I was hopeful that the crashes would stop with 5.5 (but who was I kidding).


      Crashed thread 14:

      14  com.adobe.AdobePremierePro        0x0000000100003540 (anonymous namespace)::CallStartupFramework(int, char const* const*) + 288


      Whatever that means.