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    Adobe PPro Media Cache

    Javert01 Level 1

      Ultra quick question, all. I've looked around, and found many ways to clean the cache, but not a lot of information as to what happens when you clean the cache when you're still working on a project. I've got around 30GB of cached files on my OS hard drive (because I was an idiot and didn't move the cache folder to my sctrach disc). Anyway, I'm needing to clean that out, and am wondering what happens when you just delete all the files in there, then reload a project? Does it just create new files for what you've worked on (just need to re-render?) I could always just move the media files to another drive, but there are files in there from projects past; I just can't tell the difference between the two (besides looking at the dates). Your help is appreciated!



      2.83 Quad

      8 laughable GB of RAM

      Windows 7