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    CS5 (and/or 5.5) - animation question


      Hi everyone! I have a problem that I just can't seem to work out and hoping some clever person out there will know an answer


      I have put together an example of what I am trying to do:


      I have 5 objects (the blue rectangles) that I wish to appear in sequence. To do this I selected each object and applied the standard "appear" animation option to each object. (see SCREEN_1 below).



      Then I created a button (the pink circle) and added the animations to the button and set them to play (SCREEN_2).


      After all the rectangles have appeared, I want them all to disappear so I grouped the rectangles and then chose 'disappear" from the animation options and applied it to the group (SCREEN_3)



      And then added this new group animation to the button so it would play after the earlier animations that made the rectangles appear. (SCREEN_4)



      Then I previewed my animation - the pink start button starts the animation and it previews (and exports to swf) fine and looks as I want




      If I push the pink start button again, it doesn't play correctly (there is a delay and then the group just appears all at once) . And I CANNOT work out why! And have tried for so long to work this out but am COMPLETELY stumped.


      I basically want the animation (rectangles to appear and then disappear after) to repeat everytime the pink start button.


      Can anyone out there help?!


      Thanking you very much in advance!



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          jocstone_me Level 1

          hi again!

          this is weird!

          I had the same problem, but I figured it out, here's how:


          1. do not group the rectangles

          2. select all the rectangles and give them the animation you want (pic1)


          3. make sure "Hide Until Animated" is checked

          4. make a button from your circle and animate each rectangle like pic2


          5. after doing that, do it aigain! make 5 more actions (animate) in your button panel but choose "REVERSE" at "options" (pic3)


          6. at the timing panel, link the last 5 animations (the ones you choose to reverse)


          7. that did the trick for me: http://www.jocstone.be/test/testje.html


          8. let me know if it works?


          9. sorry if my english is not always correct

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            LisaNewZealand Level 1

            YES!!!! You did it! Thank you SO SO much!


            I have tried for so long to get an animation to repeat correctly from a play button but with no luck so I am very grateful for the time you have taken to work this out for me!


            I will now put the animation together with the artwork (rather than just the boxes I used for illustrative purposes) and see how it works! Will let you know


            Thank you very very much for your time and expertise!


            A big thank you from New Zealand! (I think you are in Belgium looking at your website address?)



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              jocstone_me Level 1

              oh I'm glad it worked for you!


              I like to search for such solutions and try it over and over again till it works!

              and yes, since I live in belgium, the morning glory brought the solution! (it's 10 am right know)

              If the case you working on is finished, maybe it is possible to mail a link so I can view it? (I'm a little curious)


              well, many greetings from the other side of the world and happy to help!

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                LisaNewZealand Level 1

                10pm here


                What is your email address? - I can send you the swf file. Or if you don't wish to post your address here, mine is:




                send me an email and I'll send you the file back.


                You idea works!



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                  LisaNewZealand Level 1



                  Jochen solved this problem for me and I wanted to share the solution here for others who might have the same issues.


                  If you are using a button (like a play button) to activate an animation (or series of animations) and then want the objects to return to their pre-animated state so that the user can play (push the button) the animation again, it seems you need to do the following.


                  For each animation you add to your button, you also need to reverse that animation to get the animation back to the beginning so it can be replayed.


                  For example, if your object appears, you add it to the button as a "play" option but then you will need to add it again to the button but this time "reversing" the action so that it returns disappears after the animation sequence finishes. Thus returning your animation to the beginning so your user can push play again and have it display correctly. If you have lots of animations occurring you have to add them all again to your button and then reverse the action for each (and then group all your reversals in the timing palette to make them all happen at once).


                  There may be some easier way to make an animation return to its pre-animated state but I don't know what it is! Hope this is of help and thanks again Jochen!