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    Probably an easy question but...


      Hey guys,


      i've been using AE for a few months now, but recently i've started doing some time-lapse stuff.

      the problem that i encounter is that when i import the pictures in this way:


      file> Import

      I select the first in the folder of the sequence and then tick the 'jpeg sequence' box. then i click open.

      I get a warning about missing frames but i ignore this. i then try the following:


      I double click the sequence that is now in my project panel and then manually drag the current time indicator across the 3 seconds of footage. i know for a fact that when i play the files back in bridge (just by holding down the right arrow key) the sequence lasts around a minute.

      so back in AE i manually play this clip; i get a few sporadically scattered images from the footage but also (for about 90% of the 3 seconds) multiple yellow, turquoise, green, magenta and red verticle stripes. below these are various gradients and banded black&white gradients below.


      i'm a bit confused about this as i've watched lots f youtube tutorials on this process and every time they seem to get seamless results...


      if you need any sysstem specs or anything just ask...



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          Kevin B Good Level 1

          Hi Harry--


          It sounds like the names of your images aren't actually sequential.  i.e. every single number has to be represented if you're going to load it as a sequence, if you're skipping any number, then it thinks your skipping frames in that sequence, even if that's the exact set of pictures you wanted to use for the effect.  You may have to batch-rename the image files to get them to end with sequential numbers.


          It sounds like your other problem is the speed at which it plays back, which would have to do with the frame rate of your composition (Composition > Settings), and the assumed frame rate of the stills.  Still photos don't have an embedded frame rate like video; they're just a bunch of images.  So you have to tell AE how to handle this by right-clicking on your imported image sequence and going to "Interpret Footage> Main", and choosing a frame rate that makes sense for you.


          I hope that helps!



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            What Kevin said - AE always wants directly sequential numbering, you can't leave out a single file. if your camera uses an odd numbering scheme or you have thrown out files, you need to compensate for that by renaming the remaining files. If that becomes to tedious, I suggest you simply import the whole folder as still files and drag&drop the files onto the new comp icon, defining their duration as just 1 frame and letting them be sequenced. You can then do whatever you want with taht pre-comp and need not worry about missing frames. Just keep in mind that sequencing order is eitehr determined by numbering, too, if you marquee select all the files in the project window or by their explicit selection order using Shift and Ctrl keys, so if you're not careful, you may get a wrong order still.