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    Increasing editing stage size


      Hello, I am creating a platform game that is 800 by 600 dimension where the camera scrolls with the player. The problem i am having is that if i want to draw a map that goes off screen the stage are that i can edit in can only go so far when i am creating the map however i drag an object further than the edge of the editing space i can see it when the camera scrolls over to it in game but when i do this i cannot easily edit the objects that are not in view in the editing window. I can slightly increase the size of the editing window by changing the dimensions of the game to 2880 by 600 editing and then changing back to 800 by 600 but still i can only enlarge it up to 2880 because that is the maximum. Is there any way i can edit very large objects like a map that are way bigger than the stage dimensions?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          create 800x600 map sections.  you will display these sections when needed


          ie, if you can only move to the right/left, you only need two 800x600 sections to be displayed at any one time.  so, you should add sections dynamically when needed and remove sections when not needed.


          so, instead of creating one 16000x600 map, you'll create 20 800x600 maps and add/remove them from the display list using actionscript.