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    Flash Player Full Screen locks up my computer


      I'm running Vista, 32 bit, and the latest version of Firefox. Any time I enlarge a video I'm watching on a website that uses the Flash Player, (youtube and others) to full screen, the computer eventually locks up. The video continues normally, but hitting escape does nothing to reduce the video back to the smaller size. I then hit CTRL ALT DEL and still nothing changes. The mouse can't move the cursor, hitting tab doesn't work, nothing.


      I've tried uninstalling the Flash Player using the offline uninstaller, and reinstalling the latest Flash Player using the offline installer. I've gone to the Flash "about" page after each of those 2 actions to make sure that Flash is completely uninstalled, and reinstalled. I've also run CCleaner after uninstalling Flash Player just to make sure no registry entries, etc. remained.


      Can someone please tell me what I need to try next?