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    Scan Line on Top

    anthonyienco Level 1

      I was really hoping someone can assist with this issue. I am working with PAL (Australian) Footage.


      I import the DVCAM Tape via firewire from a Sony DV Deck. The Footage is 720x576 Widescreen, lower field First PAL avi.


      After putting it on a timeline, also Pal DV timeline, and exporting to either DVD disc, avi, mpeg file, etc.. I get an annoying flickering thin line on top. It is sometimes green somtimes white. Sometime it is also visible on the bottom. It is about 5mm wide. I have tried the following with NO LUCK.


      Interpret footage, force to lower field

      Interpert footage, progressive

      Interpret footage uper field first.


      Change field order



      No difference.. THE ONLY one that makes a difference is if I Select the footage in the timeline and select field deinterlace. This is not desirable as there is a big LOSS in QUALITY..


      I have done searches everywhere, and the fact that I cannot find similar reference tells me I must have somthing wrong?? It is definalty field related, and the only way i can get rid of it at present is to deinterlace at SEQUENCE, De-interlace on EXPORT makes no difference..


      Any advice welcome.

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          Stanley Arthur Level 3

          So let me get this straight... It looks okay in PPro, but when you export it to something else, that's when you get the scan lines? If that's the case, then I think you need to make an adjustment in your export settings.


          If it's also happening in PPro, then I'd say try dragging one of the source video clips onto the new item icon in the project window. This will create a new sequence that matches the characteristics of the clip. If you still see the abberation, then the problem is with the clips, not with PPro. I would put money on it being some kind of issue with the sequence settings you're currently using.

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            anthonyienco Level 1

            Thank you for your response, and to answer your question, it is barely visible on the timeline, i would have to say it is un-noticable on the timeline, but when exported, it is there. Even to DVD disc. I have tried all kinds of settings on the export from progressive to changing it from bottom field to top field, nothing seems to correct it. I will try just dragging the footage to timeline icon as suggested and see what results that yeilds. I hadn't thought of trying that, at least it may get me closer to the issue.


            Will post back soon.



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              anthonyienco Level 1

              I tried your suggestion and it does appear to have something to do with the sequence itself as draggin the footage to the new sequence icon does not create the line on export. Strange thing is, and it has me baffeled, I have compared the Sequence settings to the letter and there is no setting that is different so I cannot explain why on earth this is happening?



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                anthonyienco Level 1

                Further to my other posts I have done some more experimenting and found that this issue is happening on Export. I have tried exporting a sequence that looks fine on screen to avi, mpeg, mov, wmv and DVD disc and it creates this annoying flickering line up the top of the screen. It is not the original footage and the only way I can get it to go away is by de-interlacing the footage in the Sequence, but this looses quality or by re sizing the footage slightly so it is slightly larger than the reference preview monitor. This is not acceptable either as I have to do this to every clip.


                Even de-interlacing at time of export does not fix this issue.. Surly someone must have had a similar issue??




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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Do this as a test.


                  Export a section of Premiere Bars and Tone from the same timeline.  (You could include a section of your own footage with the bars as a second test as well.)


                  BTW - you dont have any Matrox components in the chain do you?

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                    anthonyienco Level 1

                    Yes I do, I have a Matrox MX02 Mini, which I have long suspected to be the issue because it started just after I put it in. BUT I have been onto their support 8 times and in the end they said it is a Premiere issue not a Matrox one..


                    Are you going to tell me it is the Matrox causing it??? I am not using the Matrox sequences I am using the Premiere ones does this still effect it? Do you have any idea how to get around it??


                    The bars and tone are fine but as soon as it cuts to the footage, the line appears. Just to clarify, I put the bars and tone on the same sequence at the begining with some footage to follow. After exporting to avi, the bars are fine, when the footage appears so does the line.


                    Eagerly awaiting your reply.

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                      shooternz Level 6

                      I am wondering if when the footage came

                      in from the DV tape if it got "influenced" by the Matrox device

                      by something you set.


                      Matrox have always maintained  that its  Upper field first for DV.


                      Try footage  it in a Matrox Sequence maybe.

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                        anthonyienco Level 1

                        Thank you, I have tried Matrox sequences. 4 different ones, and the Original Premiere ones all with the same results. This issue was posted on Matrox's site, prior to them releasing the latest firmware 6 weeks ago.


                        They clain the latest firmware corrects the issue, when I explained to them that it did NOT no mine, they asked me to try a standard Premiere DV Widescreen Sequence. So I did and when I got the same issue with the scan line on top, they said it is a premiere problem and washed their hands of it.


                        Personally I am 99% sure it is still a Matrox issue and other than get rid of it, and reinstall CS5, I have no solution. I only use the Matrox for External Monitor preview.


                        You have been very helpful anyway and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to offer suggestions. I will keep trying other things.