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    Sony HXR-MC50E exports media offline



      I'm new on these forums and I have tried to look the answer for my problem for days now.

      So now I'm trying to get it resolved by writing the problem here.


      I have new Sony HXR-MC50E video camera and I have recorded some shots with it.

      I used Sony's PMB program to transfer the files from the camera to my hard disk(files are AVCHD .m2ts)

      I imported the files to Premiere Pro CS5 and there I can see and edit the files like expected, with no problems..

      I have made a short +3minutes sequence with transitions and some Effects.

      I'm sending the sequence to Media Encoder(ctrl+m).

      In Export Settings I choose H.264 format and preset for HDTV .. All the summary info is okay.. file size estimate is around 704mb all good..

      I start the queue in Encoder and when looking the encoding prosess the preview screen looks red with lot of text.. (small screen not able to make out what it reads)

      After encoder finnishes the process I open the newly greated file and all I get is red background with text saying media offline with the lenght of the sequense exported.

      What do I do wrong? I have tried different formats I have tried to recapture the video from the camera using Adobe products.. while working in premiere all the preview and every screen shows the video is good. I can see it and edit it with out any problems. I have even looked encoder logs to see if there would be any indication what went wrong.. but all looks good.


      And the thing is when I export animation I made from image sequence in same format as the examble case it works fine.. only when I'm trying to export the recorded video it isn't working. Also tried to export just one clip and no other editing


      now some details of the computer and the video clips:

      OS Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1


      every shot shot with same settings:


      Also the examples Export settings:


      Thank you for your help and if you need more info let me know. I hope to resolve this problems as soon as possible.