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    MovieClips as Buttons! Need help here!

      Hi I have made several movieclips and added "on"-events for them on the main timeline. These events tells it to play something INSIDE the movieclips (i have been labeling keyframes inside the MC). So far no problems.

      I'm using Flash Pro 8 btw..

      The problem occurrs between the onRollOver and the onRollOut.( Or between the "_over" and "_out" labels inside the MC.)
      If I move the mouse to fast over my button, it doesnt automatically jump to the "_out"-label inside my MC.
      (before the playhead inside the mc gets to the stop(); were the _out label is, too).

      Sorry, my english sucks. I'm completely stuck and my flash web page needs to be handed in wery soon. I would appreciate your help!

      Here is a link to an example file with my problem, so that you can take a look at it yourself!:


      And this is the thing I'm working on, with the problem times 100: