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    Areca 1880 Control Boot Issues

    fred tyler Level 1

      Problem : When Areca 1880 card installed. PC becomes stuck and Areca 1880 card `times out` to 300 seconds at bios.


      How to replicate.

      1) ensure PC is completely powered off


      2) power on PC, boot normally


      3) once windows has booted go

      `Start --> Shutdown --> Restart


      4) PC will cycle to bios, and Areca  card will now time out to 300 seconds, and fail to detect raid array.


      Areca support have provided a new Firmware for the card. No result


      This problem is apparent regardless of whether hard disks are connected to the controller or not.


      System specs


      MB P6T WS Pro
      RAM 24Gb
      CPU i7-965E
      System Drive = RAID-0 SSD 2x 128Gb

      MB BIOS =1205

      Areca 1880 BIOS = 1.49 - build date 2011-05-11

      Areca 1880Firmware = 1.49 - build date 2010-11-10

      PL Firmware =

      Please note this problem happens at BIOS time, it is _unlikely_ to be a Windows / Driver related issue.


      Problem happens regardless of System drive configuration / raid enable or disable.


      From cold start the Areca 1880 card becomes ready and detects the hard disks / RAID array at between 20~30 seconds, depending on configuration and drives.


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.