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    More Image/stylesheet issues


      Hello again,


      Just wondering if anyone could give me some quick style sheet issues, have an img class that looks a little something like this:


      img {

      border: 5px solid #adadad ! important ;

      padding: 5px ! important ;

      margin: 4px, 4px, 4px, 4px ! important ;

      -moz-border-radius: 15px;

      -webkit-border-radius: 15px;

      border-radius: 15px;



      Which works like magic for getting me a nice curved border in most modern browsers.


      Now there are one or two small icon type images that I need to not have a border as they are actually within the text - can anyone think of a way of setting up RH9 so that I can have an image that doesn't follow these styles?


      I am sure it will be to do with over riding these styles but not sure how to do this because it is not like I am selecting a style for the image files - they are just getting their styles from the img selector...


      Anyone got any suggestions?


      much 'preciated.