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    Catalyst deletes all svn information in a project


      HI there!


      I´ve got a little Problem with Catalyst CS5.5.

      A brief statement what i am doing.

      I created with the Flash Builder 4.5 a Catalyst compatible project and added it to my svn account. After that i created a skinnable component and it´s skinclass. Thereupon i openend Catalyst within the Flash Builder 4.5 and build up the skin for the component.

      Then i saved the project in Catalyst and openend again in Flash Builder.

      Everything worked very well until now, the only issue is that all the svn informations are deleted from the project.

      I assume that the Flash Builder deletes all the "unnecessary" files when it exports the project to an fxp.file to open it in Catalyst.



      How can i prevent that catalyst deletes all the svn informations?