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    How to create two different object for the single RSO using SharedObject.getRemote()


      I wants to create two objects for the single RSO.


      my RSO name - "soLink"


      my code:

      //netConnectionObject1 is the Teacher's NetConnection object


      var rso1:SharedObject = SharedObject.getRemote("soLink", netConnectionObject1.uri, true);






      //netConnectionObject2 is the Student's NetConnection object


      var rso2:SharedObject = SharedObject.getRemote("soLink", netConnectionObject2.uri, true);




      Here netConnectionObject1.uri and netConnectionObject2.uri both are same string(because both are connected in same session).


      finally i got rso1 and rso2 are same object. But i need two different object.


      Please guide me.


      Note: I need, both connection should be create in single application.


      - Rajan