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    Audio Problems in Adobe Presenter: Help Needed Urgently!!


      I am using trial versions of Adobe Presenter 7 and Adobe Connect 8.


      I created a presentation in in Powerpoint 2002 and published through Adobe Presenter to Adobe Connect Pro. This presentation has voice over recorded through the Adobe Presenter "record audio" option.


      In Adobe Connect Pro, I created a meeting and shared the above mentioned presentation through the "Share Document" option in Connect Pro.

      Now, when I play the presentation in this Adobe Connect Meeting, I am not getting any audio that was recorded in Adobe Presenter. Whereas if I play the published presentation directly it plays the recorded audio.


      Can anyone help me on this?


      1. Are there any settings to be done in Powerpoint or Adobe Presenter or Connect pro?

      2. Is it the problem of Trial Account or something like that?


      Please let me know the solution. Need to work on this ASAP!!!


      Thanks in Advance,


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          DHMerritt Level 1


          This is a weird one. If you created a prezo with audio and published it to AC (Adobe Connect) and everything worked fine on your desktop then it should work fine in AC i.e. there are no other settings required on AC's side, it should just play.


          As I am typing this I thought of similar audio problems that we have experienced in the past. A big one would be where another user created a PPT on their laptops and handed it to us. When testing the audio did not work. Reason being is that not all the files were coppied over BUT I must accept that this is not your problem as it definately worked on your PC before you published it to AC.


          Wait there is one setting in the publish settings. In the output options tick "Upload source presentation with assests", then tick audio.


          I cannot think of anything else. There is a man called Heyward Drummond on the Adobe Connect General forum, who is a real master at answering queries like this. Why not post your query there and see if he comes up with an answer?