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    AMD CPU and AVCHD home editing.

    Brushman1000 Level 1

      This is just for home editing, I'm not a professional and not rich, but I need to know if this CPU.. (AMD Athlon ii x4 processor) would be alright or even good for editing AVCHD? I would be using PrE 9.



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          RjL190365 Level 4

          For Premiere Elements 9, that CPU is okay. However, since that Athlon II X4 lacks both full SSE 4.x support and L3 cache, don't expect that system's performance to be any faster than an old, low-end Intel Core 2 Quad.


          On the other hand, this is a forum for hardware recommendations for Premiere Pro, not Premiere Elements (which IMHO does not take anywhere close to full advantage of the capabilities of modern systems). If you were running Premiere Pro, the Athlon II X4 is not recommended for anything except simple standard-definition work with DV originals due to the serious limitations and omissions limited above: It ends up more than 10 times slower than a fast Intel i7-based system.