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    the file is an unknown format and cannot be opened (.ai file)

    Stella1251 Level 1

      Hi. I am on XP and working with AI CS4.


      I cannot open an Illustrator file that I created last year. I did NOT have this file emailed to me. I just need to make a couple edits and reprint it.

      This is what I have tried to do:


      I tried zipping the file and opening it.

      I tried Ctrl + Shift + Alt clicking on Open when trying to open the file fro the Open dialog box.

      I tried copying & pasting the file to another directory to open it.

      I tried using another version of Illustrator, 10.

      I tried right clicking and selecting Open With Illustrator.


      I found another post on this topic that mentions to enable content recovery mode:



      It is just here, http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/500/cpsid_50031.html it says it can be risky and I am afraid to damage other Illustrator files. There are a lot on the system.


      I was just wondering if there was another way. I do not have a backup of this file (didn't think it was important). I may have a jpg, but I'd like the actual Illustrator file to work with if possible.


      Thank you.