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    TEST MOVIE error message


      I am using CS5 Flash and have developed a very large system with several thousand lines of code, a main timeline, and some dozen classes.  Sometimes when I test it, I get get the error message below.


      Error creating SWF file

      Be sure the destination file is not read-only or opened by another applcation. Also check that the file name is not too long.


      It appears to happen at random.  Many times it doesn't appear at all and the FLA simply complies.  Other times it may appear several times before the FLA complies.  If there are errors in the FLA file, normal error messages are displayed.  If there are no errors in the FLA, I get this random error message. 


      I have developed FLASH programs since FLASH 2 and have never seen this. 


      This is beyond my expertise.  Does anyone have a clue?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i've only seen that message when the swf is opened elsewhere.  most commonly that occurs when i'm loading a swf into a parent.  test the parent and while that's still open (minimized), try and test the loaded swf.

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            Espis1-kP5SjS Level 1

            I am not loading any SWF's into a parent.  Also, it repeats when I close the error message and then redo the "test movie".  It also occurs immediatly after I close FLASH,  reopen FLASH, load my FLA main timeline and then "test movie".  So, I don't believe this is the problem.  Thanks for the lead.  I will be checking into this possibility.