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    Flash CS5.5 - font outlines still get embeded while using runtime sharing


      I have a project where I use several SWFs and have the fonts outlines stored into a seperate SWF. Within the .fla file's I have checked the Import for runtime sharing with the various font definitions.


      In the library the linkage part shows for every font the Import: classname


      To get a correct idea how things look within the IDE, I've checked several character ranges within the font properties so the preview renders correctly.


      In Flash CS5 everything was working correctly; no font outline was included within the SWF. The size report also shows this.


      When I create the SWF with Flash CS5.5 font outlines of the selected ranges still get embedded into the SWF. The file size of the SWF is much larger and the font outline information shows up in the size report.


      Anyone has a solution for this problem?