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    Question about my sound, please see these video examples

    audio90 Level 1

      Hi Premiere Elements gurus

      Say, I wonder if you know what's going on with my audio? If you look at these three clips:

      You'll notice that there is a lot of hiss in the background. In fact,  there used to be a little bit more, but I used the noise reducer in  Adobe Premiere Elements, but that make the audio sound a little weird,  with some extra reverb.

      Does it sound like there is more/extra hiss or room noise than you would  expect (than "normal")? And if so, if this caused by my equipment  setup, as I have a Sennhesier G2 Evolution wireless mic feeding into a  Canon Vixia via it's mini-plug, but I have the output on the Sennheiser  set very low and perhaps the Canon is adding extra gain to boost the  sound? Just a theory.

      Do you think it's possible to get clean sound, where I can remove the hiss/hum and just get vocal, using the audio effects? What plugins would I use and how would I use them, what settings?


      OR is there a third party audio scrubber that will clean the sound for me somewhere?