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    XDP Merging


      [Running LiveCycle ES2 SP2]


      I have about 30 XDP's on the server and we have a form guide where the customer will select the forms they would like. Once they have selected the forms a request is sent to LiveCycle to pull the XDP's, merge them and then convert to an interactive PDF. I am having the following issues:


      We can't stitch XFA based PDFs using the LC process(Assembler). So we are trying to implement the functionality by stitching the XDPs together and to convert the merged XDP to PDF document. We are getting the merged XDP's, but we have to pass the "MergedXDP" document variable to an activity for converting to a PDF.


      There are three activities that support XDP to PDF conversion that we have tried,


      1  Forms - RenderPDFForm

      In this case It is taking only an input of type string and expect a path where the XDP is placed in the LC server. In our case we have to give the intermediate result(Merged xdp) as a 'document' type as input. So this does not seem to help us.          


      2. Output - generatePDFOutput2

      This is working but we are getting a flattened PDF as result. As this is Output ES activity, It will provide only flattened PDF as output, but we need non-Flattened output and we have to use renderPDFForm or convertXDPtoPDF where we are getting the error.


      3. PDF Utilities - convertXDPtoPDF

      We are getting "Required PDF element missing from XDP" error. We are not able to correct this..


      Any help would be appreciated.