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    Activation error:  someone please help!


      Hi all,


      I've looked through the discussion board, but wasn't able to find a way to resolve the following issue.  I have absolutely no idea what to do anymore!


      I've download adobe digital editions and was able to install the software. When I open the program, however, I get the following message:


      Activation error:


      E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032



      1) My firewall is turned off and I've tried putting the program in the exceptions list.

      2) I don't have any anti-virus software running.

      3) My clock, time, and date are all in order for the Netherlands (where I am). Though I did notice my computer's location was set to the USA (where I bought it). I changed the location, uninstalled the software, restarted, and reinstalled. Again, this did not help (I mention this in response to some of the other threads).


      I'm really not sure what to do from here!!