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    Merging Indexes in HTMLHelp

    Jack DeLand Level 1

      RoboHelp as part of TCS3

      Win XP Pro SP3


      This is interesting: When I merge indexes using a few CHMs, then test the merged index, I get a series of 6 squares replacing the title in the title bar. See below. However, the links still work correctly.


      I tried this with 3 files combined, then 2.  It is hosed whenever I have more than 1 file, whenever multiple targets are found (i.e., not just in the case of 2 different CHMs, but also in the case of just 1 CHM that has multiple topics associated to 1 entry). All the indexes in the 3 files work fine individually.


      I assume that my CHW file is getting clobbered somehow at merge time, but haven't had any luck in figuring out how or why. I tried deleting the CHW, generating to a common directory as Peter suggests, and investigating the hhc hhk and xpj files in a text editor - they all look okay.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.