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    InDesign not exporting layers properly

    The Craw

      Hi Folks,


      I'm having a problem exporting layers out of InDesign CS4 (on Windows 7).


      I have a multi-layer InDesign document, and the main layers has all my text flows.


      I am embedding several movies, and I use additonal layers to place the movies on.

      I have been exporting with "Create Acrobat Layers" enabled, and then I open it in Acrobat, and create several buttons with the functionality to turn different layers' visibility on and off, thus hiding or showing my movie layers. Awesome.


      Until yesterday. Suddenly, no matter what I do, when I export out of InDesign, with the layer export enabled, when it opens in Acrobat, no layers appear.

      I have checked all my export options, and everything is as it should be.

      I've tried playing with only exporting visible layers, and making them all visible. Nothing.


      I also tried exporting to the interchange format, and importing that as a "fresh" document (someone suggested that) and that didn't solve it either.


      I am used to working on a Mac, where I could trash the InDesign preferences file and try again, but I am on Windows, and not sure if that works the same way.


      I also created a brand new document with 2 layers, just to test it with a fresh document. I cannot export any layers with a fresh document, which tells me there is something wrong with my InDesign installation.


      So...currently up a creek.


      Any thoughts?

      Is there a preferences file to delete in Windows?

      Does that typically help?


      I will try a re-install next, but was hoping to avoid this....


      Thanks for any suggestions or wisdom.  :-)