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    Text Wrap Question


      I have a document that has a semi circle graphic in the center.  I have two articles on the page, one outside the semi-circle and one inside.  I have been able to get one side(text box) to follow the contour of the semi-circle but not the other. Any help would be appreciated.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Looks like the frame on the left needs to be wider...

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            cwells10 Level 1

            I have made it wider but the text wrap assigned to the semi-circle (detect edges) doesn't pick it up.  The text wrap on the semi circle is set to wrap around obect shape - detect edges, invert.  If I remove the invert then I lose all of the text inside the semi-cirlecurve-page.jpg

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Perhaps you should show us some frame edges and explain how you've built this.


              I would make the yellow stroke an independent object and apply the wrap to that, selecting largest area for where to wrap, I think. You cannot wrap to both the inside and outside of a closed shape, but you could make the green area on the right a text frame and the text would naturally follow the contour, then add the wrap to that frame to push away the text on the left.

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                talaya white Level 1

                I'd make the right hand text box actually curved, and make that curved text box with an external textwrap to push the box on the left.

                Like this:

                Picture 6.png

                Picture 9.png

                Picture 10.png


                You'll need to turn textwrap on for the boxes that you don't want effected too, like your header and the names of the officers.