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    C4 Trial Limitation?

    Scout's mom Level 2
      I'm not able to do a Training Simulation capture using the C4 trial version.

      I open my app, open C4.
      Under Create a Project I select Software Simulation.
      On the the New Project dialog I select my app. > OK
      The app window is surrounded by the red recording frame.
      I select Manual Recording > Settings > Modes > Training Simulation > setting I want
      I click Record.
      I press Print Screen and interact on the screen.
      I press End and I get a demonstration without interactive objects.

      I'd really like to put C4 through its Training Simulation paces before I buy. Am I missing something?
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          When you are doing manual recording you get screen shot only when you press print screen. In that mode you cant get any interactive object.

          You have to select automatic recording to get the other modes. There you have option to select which modes you want