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    Need input in considering second camera

    RFENG Level 1

      I can't afford to purchase another HD camera right now but I've really got to have another camera.


      I have been looking at two cameras that historically been still cameras that now deliver amazing HD auality and provide the ability for interchangable lenses.


      Primarily I am only considering the Nikon D3100 or D5100 or the Sony A33 or A55.  I don't know that much about the Sony's but assume they are at least equal to the Nikon's.  The ability to shoot rapid frame stills (formerly a motor drive system) is not something that is important to me.  The Nikon's uses the classic E and F manual focus AI lense as as well as the new G  lens which are AF/computer assisted lenes for total auto shoots in video or still--somthing I am not that crazy aobut either.  But the ability to interchange the lenses for speical framing effects and manually set the appeture produces results not possible with the conventional video camera.


      The video from the 5100 is full progressive scan either 24fps or 30fps and it looks simply incredible.  The depth of field and full manual controls that are possible for video are most attractive and provide only optical performance available on very high-end HD cameras.  I am missing something here to be considering these new cameras as a second video camera?


      Does anyone have any advice or input on any of these four models relative to experience or an associate who has commented on their use as a second camera for HD video.  For under $1K these 35mm still/video cameras produce exceptional video that put them in what appears to me, on par with medium-lower priced HD video cameras.


      I sincerely hope that I have not inappropriately posted this inquiry in the wrong forum. 


      Thanks for any candid input that can be provided.