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    What the best approach to colour matching clips?

    Mark Morreau Level 2

      I'm trying to colour match clips which have been shot of the same person in the same scene with different cameras. Even though they were all manually white balanced at the start their different characteristics show! The subject is wearing a red shirt and working with orange objects. The disparity in colour (and brightness, and contrast) is obvious.


      I started off using the reference monitor and  vectorscope and waveform, but then wanted to be able to have two vectorscopes open at the same time for the "correct" clip and the one I was trying to match it to. I wanted to use one vectorscope as "reference" and use the fast colour corrector to adjust the other clip by looking at its vectorscope. But it doesn't seem that it's possible. Is it?


      But while searching for "reference monitor" in the Community Help I came across this:

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WSCB566F37-A8BA-4b43-8BD2-B6467AAE930E.ht ml

      Which talks about the color matching filter. However, I don't see this color matching filter in my effects panel, and don't think I have since CS4 or even earlier. Has something directly replaced it?


      I've been struggling to find a tutorial on this: most refer to using the colour match effect. Anyone noticed a relevant tutorial? Or would like to take the time to give me instruction?