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    Flex 2 Builds suddenly not working

      I am using Lynda.Com tutorials for Flex Builder 2, and I have come upon a major error that is seeming to affect any code i try to write myself... i am very inexperienced with flex and buttons are about all i know, although I know i am doing everything right, I even copied and pasted.. anyway my problem is;

      i create a button;
      <mx:button label="Button" click="mx.controls.Alert('Clicked')/>

      Sometimes it will create the additional (and as I am told unneeded) AC3 code, and sometimes it doesnt... But when I run it, no matter what i'm doing (I have even tried creating and using more advanced applications, build & run although they do not seem to work either. Although, when I open a sample Flex 2 Application it works... I think something is defected or something, anyone know what could be wrong?