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    Auto-fill Cells with Calendar Dates


      Hello - am hoping someone can help me with this?


      In a form I am putting together, there are fields indicating individual days of the week - Sunday through Saturday. If there is a standard date/time field at the top of the page that indicates (by the user) the date that a particular week ends, is there a way that the rest of the fields for their respective days of the week will automatically fill in the correct date based on the week ending date as specified by the user?


      For example, if a user notes in the date/time field that the week ends on June 4th, the text box for Friday of that week would automatically fill in with June 3rd, Thursday would fill in with June 2nd, and so on...


      If you need further clarification, please let me know.



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          Mike-Davies Level 1

          You are likely to be able to achieve your objective via scripting. I am not sure you can do this with the standard date time formating in calender.

          Each field needs to be formatted in relation to the previous and next. I am sorry this may not be much help if you are not familiar with using javascript or formcalc in liveCycle. There may be other suggestions as well.

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            jTEEi Level 1

            I figured that I would only be able to achieve this through scripting, but I was hoping there was something a little simpler that would get me there. Unfortunately, my understanding of javascript is fairly limited at best - if anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated.