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    Automatically deauthorize ADE?

    inosek Level 1

      Can Digital Editions be setup in a way where it will automatically deauthorize itself (or a script that will deauthorize the user)?


      We're a public library and we would like to configure public access computers with ADE and Overdrive to allow our users to come in with their e-readers, connect them to our computers and download items.


      Since there's a limitation to the number of PCs that can be authorized with a single user, a generic library account will not work.  However, if ADE can be automatically deauthorized at the end of each PC session, it will force the next user to enter their Adobe ID before proceeding.


      Our ideal solution would be one that does not require user intervention to deauthorize and just force the previous authorized user to be cleared at the end of their session.


      How is the ADE authorization stored?  Is it written to an ini file that can be cleared?  Is there an authorization file that can be deleted and replaced with a clean one?