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    Problems with Adobe CS5 Photoshop since Help Desk install


      i downloaded the CS5 Photoshop upgrade and attempted to install.  It would not install so i contacted the help desk about 2 weeks ago.  The help desk rep signed into my mac and after about an hour or so was able to complete the install of Photoshop.


      However, now when i try to add plug ins, i get an error message with the plugin installed (tried 3 different ones) saying that I do not have Photoshop installed.


      Went to online chat and they told me to call 800 number,


      Called 800 number and cued myself for a call back.  Ryan called me back took all my information and then the line was disconnected.  He took my callback number but never did call back.


      Called 800 number a second time, qued myself for a call back.  Adobe called me back, i waited 10 minutes with music, the music stopped and someone was on the line, but they disconnected the call.


      Now on 3rd call back with a 40 minute wait.  and i am waiting until someone answers