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    Video causing CPU overload

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      I have recently finished and then published a project to my desktop which is a video jukebox application. The application plays music videos in a large popup window upon a button click. The problem i have is that when the video is not playing the CPU usage on my windows machine runs at about 15% on average, however once the video is playing in the popup the CPU usage jumps to almost 90-100%.


      I have seen some of the developements introduced in Flash 10.2 in regard to Stage Video and was wondering if this could maybe fix my problem. At present my application is running on AIR 1.5 with Flash Player 9. If I simply install the latest versions of AIR and Flash Player and try running my published project again will this be enough to improve the video performance? Or do I need to change the settings of my project within Flex Builder so that it uses the latest version Flash?


      Any advise would be great.