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    Need help on multiple fla projects


      I am new flash developer, and inherited a project which has 4 fla project files. When it runs inside a browser, it appears "window" which occupies whole browser. This project is write in Flash CS3.


      I have few questions:


      1). When loading main swf file, 3 other swf files are also loaded. These swf files are communicating with each other through message. When debug the mail swf with CS3, I can set breakpoint and the program can stop only at limited AS files.


      My questions is how to debug other AS files in other swf file?


      2) I used CS5. It seems that I can stop at more AS files, which does not belong to main swf file. Why?


      My questions is should I use CS5, which might makes debugging easier? Is it right direction to go to debug multiple swf?


      (For CS5, I need to fix some code in order to make the program fully working as CS3)


      3) What's best tool to use for such project since CS3 is very old. Should I use Flash builder, Flex. Amethyst?


      Thank you very much.