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    Canon Vixia HF20 and "Progressive" frame rates: how do you edit them in PE7, or any PE version?


      My owner's manual is splayed before me: I have these options with my  Canon HF20 Camcorder:


      I can record video in: 60i (standard) - I guess they mean "default"


      I can also record in PF30 and PF24.


      It says this:

      PF30: 30 frames per second, progressive. Use this frame rate to easily edit your recordings, for example, to post them on the Web.


      (I do post my videos on the web: indeed that is all I do with them. The Web is a free storage closet that we get as a bonus, by paying for monthly Internet charges.)


      My manual also says this:

      PF24: 24 frames per second. progressive. (That is what it says - progressive.) Using this frame rate will give you recordings a cinematic look. When combined with the Cine Mode recording program, the cinematic look will be enhanced.



      I have noticed no interesting differences. And editing these .mts files is a pain, no matter what format one uses.


      I am wondering if anyone is in a similar situation, regarding AVCHD and editing problems using any version of PE.


      I constantly have trouble with artifacts - ghosting - combing - all manner of problems, which is enhanced by using the available HD. That is, in 1920x1080, the drop-frame system creates highly compressed, problematic files.


      These are hard to edit, but can be done decently using a kind of sleight of hand. I often downgrade 1920x1080 to 720p in editing, just to get the jumpy quality to look decent. This usually works.



      I wonder what others do. I really miss 8mm. ... sylvester