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    Asset Management in Air App

    mrdweedles Level 1

      Hello All,


      I'm building an AIR application (2d platformer adventure game) which will be packaged on a CD for installation. I've embed the majority of the game assets into a static file to keep it simple and organized. This way I can reuse assets and swap them without much digging.



      [Embed(source = "../data/gfx/spritesheets/boyHero.png")] public static var boyHero:Class;


      In the early days of the projects, everything went to plan. However as the project has grown to be over 28MB, I've started to run into Out Of Memory errors. These occur when I add new assets, refactor for a while, or add new classes. Once I get this error, I can restart FB and then work for another 15-20 minutes.


      I've modified my .ini file bump up Flash Builder 4's memory allocation. It's currently set at:





      While I'm at it, here are the specs/plug-ins that I've got installed:


      FB v 4.0 (build 272416)
      JNA Library 3.2.7
      subclipse plugin 1.6.17
      subversion client adapter 1.6.12
      subversion JavaHL Native Lib 1.6.15
      SVNKit lib


      Mac OSx v 10.6.7

      2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

      4GB DDR


      My Questions:


      1) Is the issue with the path that I've chosen for the way I'm handling in-game assets? I am streaming in some assets such as tutorial swfs which are loaded via the SWFLoader. I could go this route for all assets... but, should I? Is this the right way to handle a disk game? (The game runs without a hitch when installed on QA machines...)


      2) Provided the embeding of static assets isn't an issue, Is this a FB4 bug? Where should I head for more information?


      Thanks very very much in advance!