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    DataGrid to MovieClip

      I have data dynamically loading into a datagrid. I also have a MediaPlayer component on the screen. What I want is when the person clicks on one of the title's in the datagrid, for the movie associated to pre-load, then load into the movieClip.

      (The reason I am using a MediaPlayer, rahter than a plain MovieClip or a FLV Player, is I am planning on loading several different kinds of movies - swf, flv, mov, etc.)

      I have never really used EventListeners, and have tried a few things - but so far, to no avail.

      The code I currently have is:

      rssData.push({Title:title_array .firstChild.nodeValue});
      function movieListen(){
      myGrid.addEventListener("click", movieListen);

      but, while it gives no error, it also does nothing else.