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    Multiple pages for the web?

    WindyOneinSR Level 1

      Hello. I am very new to InDesign, and I am using CS5. I am working on a flyer for an upcoming event. I am making one for print, legal page sized, and have just completed it, using Kuler colors in CMYK, and everything looks good.


      I also wanted to make a seperate document so I could put it up on a web page.


      I did a file.. new.. document, intended for the web, sized it as 1024 x 768, and used Kuler colors in RGB. When I was building the document, I needed more room than just the one page. So I added a page, to fit all of the info, pictures, etc. in, and I ended up with two full pages for my document. Here's what I don't get...


      I don't realize how to put the 2 page document onto my web page. Won't it look like two seperate pages like it looks now? Should I make it one long page so I can just scrool down the document like on a regular web page? I checked the size of my 'legal paper' sized document by changing the ruler guides from inches to pixels and it came out to 610 wide x 1010 long. Should I just make that the size of my online document?


      Thanks for the help.

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          Stix Hart Level 5

          Just use the page tool to extend your first page down and put your extra info on the bottom.


          Here's the thing though, that "for the web" isn't intended to do that, it's for publications that are... heck who knows what it's for!  The normal method is just to export your first print version to smallest file size and post that as a downloadable PDF.  Or if you want a web page use another tool, not Indesign.  I'd start by talking to the person who organises or puts together the web page you're going to be posting it on and asking them what they'd recommend in your case.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            What web intent does is default the measurement to pixels and the colors to RGB. The original intent for this was for SWF output but is also used for Digital Publishing Suite output.


            It's not intended for use in creating HTML pages.



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