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    SEGOEUI.TTF not  being correctly rendered




      I am using SEGOEUI.TTF font in my application. The problem is wherever I have used the font in BOLD, the font gets distorted( i.e. is not rendered correctly ) on windows.


      But the same font shows correctly on Mac and Linux machines.

      Font incorrect.PNG

      This is the screenshot of the same. The text 'Details' is given as bold and the text 'Quick S...' is not bold. So the font is not rendered correctly when I give the font as BOLD.


      Can anyone help me out on this.






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          Is it possible that your Mac and Linux machines have the bold version of the font installed and your Windows machine doesn't?

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            eshaan87 Level 1

            No, I've the bold version also installed on my windows machine. For SEGOEUI, these are the fonts installed on my windows machine:



            And on the MAC machine, my application shows the font correctly as shown in the screenshot below :



            Now, the MAC machine renders the font correctly, so what could be the issue with windows machine if I have the SEGOEUI bold font also installed ?


            UPDATE: I've tested the same scenario on all UIComponents and I am facing the same problem. Whenever I make the fontWeight to Bold, all UIComponents render the font incorrectly. But reder correctly on MAC and Linux systems.

            So is this a problem with the font ? 


            Please help me on this issue.


            I am using Flex 3.5 SDK






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