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    Trouble with Codecs in PE8


      So I've been using Premiere Elements 8 since August of 2010 and haven't encountered this problem up until a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure what happened, or how to fix it. I'm not a huge techie so I operate with Windows 7 on a 2010 Sony Vaio VGN-NW350F.


      I do a lot of video editing and upoading to youtube. I just use a basic FlipCam that saves in an .MP4 video format. I have always been using this same camera and file type. A couple weeks ago, I went about my normal importing routine and tried pulling the video files from the clipboard that holds all the imported video files onto the timeline. But as soon as I try to, an error message appears that says "This type of file is not supported, or the required codec is not installed". When I double click the file on the clipboard, it opens up windows explorer and says "where is the file *filename*?" I select the file, and try the process over again, but it just repeats the error.


      The first time it happened, it seemed to only be with my original .MP4 file format that the error occured, so I downloaded a file converter and was able to use my video files after converting them to .wmv. But now, no file type seems to work.


      I've done nothing out of my usual routine since the last time I used the program without any errors. I JUST tried uninstalling and re-installing the program, but that didn't seem to work. So I'm at a loss of what to do.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Flip camcorder video was not supported natively by the program until version 9, Soul.


          The program had apparently figured out some hybrid solution in your case -- but usually Flip video in version 8 is very problematic. (Though it may help if you ensure you have the latest version of Quicktime.)


          In version 9, the program includes specific components, however, for working with the Flip's unusual 3ivx codec. If you're going to work with this type a video, upgrading to 9 would be a very wise investment.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Apple's version of H.264, the CODEC used in MP4, is installed with QT Player, have you deleted QT Player?


            If you have not, I would get the very latest version of QT Player from Apple, and install it. If you have an older version, it will be overwritten after the removal of some components, by the newer version. Then test.


            Good luck,



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              But note, Bill, that Flip cams don't use standard H.264 codecs to create their video files. They use a compressor called 3ivx, which is highly non-standard and must be included as a component in the program in order to successfully edit the files.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Good point, and one that was handled pretty well in PrE 9.


                That is one of the problems with CODEC's - it seems that every mfgr. wants to tweak them. With a tweaked version of H.264 for the Flips, I wonder if their version of H.264 is installed with some utilities from the Flip's supplied disc? If, say that was installed with some Flip editing software, and that was later removed, the Flip H.264 could have gone bye-bye with it?





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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Possibly. But the best and easiest solution is to upgrade to version 9, which is designed to interface with Flip Mino and Ultra cams (and does so very well).

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                    This may be a silly question then, and I'm sure I know the answer to it already, but by "upgrade to version 9" do you mean I would have to purchase the program itself? Or is there a smaller fee since I already have version 8?


                    And another silly question. Is there a place that I can download the missing CODEC's? Or is that something that can't exactlly be downloaded?


                    It's funny that it's just now deciding to have these problems when I've been using it without any errors of the sort for the past 9 months. I downloaded the latest version of QT and that didn't seem to have any effect either. A friend recommended I do a registry clean as I tried to do a system restore and that failed. Then I re-installed again and none of that seems to have worked.


                    I very much appreciate both of your input, though. Thank you for taking the time to try and help me figure this out.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      You need to purchase version 9 in order to work with Flip video. You can not just load the codec.


                      Contact Adobe if you already own version 8. Although version 9 is an entirely new and separate program, they often have special pricing for registered owners of previous versions.


                      Although check Amazon before you buy! Often retailers offer discounted or "used" copies of the program even cheaper than your "upgrade" price. (These are all legitimate copies of the program, by the way. Amazon's retailers don't sell bootlegged copies.)

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I do not think that I still have the e-mail around now, but Adobe had notified me of a "sale" on PrE 9. Cannot recall what the discount was now, but I would definitely check with both the Adobe Store, and with Amazon. If Adobe has discounted the price, then a certified reseller, like Amazon, might have an even better price?


                        As far as a missing CODEC is concerned (this is in general terms, and not specific to a particular camera), I will use either G-Spot, or MediaInfo, to get the details of the contained CODEC's. Armed with that info, I will search for a commercial version of that CODEC, buy it, download it, install it, reboot, and away I go. I am less a fan of free CODEC's, but if those are all there is, will use them. The Lagarith Lossless CODEC is an example of a great free one.


                        With a camera-specific CODEC (becoming much more common, as mfgrs. tweak existing CODEC's to suit them), I will look first on the disc, provided with the camera, and look for that CODEC. It could well be a separate installer, or could be added with either the camera's driver or maybe along with an editing utility. If that particular CODEC is NOT on the disc, then I would go to the mfgr's. Web site, and check for their particular version of the CODEC.


                        Unfortunately, some camera mfgrs. tweak a CODEC, and leave the consumer out in the cold, when it comes to actually finding that.


                        Good luck,



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