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    Very basic script needed to do 4 things


      Hi there,
      I need help creating what I think will be a very basic script.


      I work for a newspaper company and when I'm done with an advert there are 4 things I do the same everytime.


      1) Print (same printer everytime)

      2) Save on a network directory (same location everytime, the only thing that changes is the filename, a reference number copied from the ad itself which is then pasted from my clipboard)
      3) Export to a network directory in .eps format (hit 7 backspaces to erase 7 characters from the clipboard pasted name)

      4) Export to a network directory in .pdf format (using same name as was exported in .eps format)


      That's it! 4 very simple tasks which get very irritating if you have to do it +-50 times a day.
      If anyone can help I'll provide info such as the directory names, printer names, and so on.