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    Fiber and localization

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      I would appreciate some help with the following issue:


      I'm working on application based on Flex SDK 3.5.

      I'm conecting to BlazeDS Java Spring data services using automated service and vo generation with FlashBuilder 4 Data/Services utility.

      This automated utility generates classes which are com.adobe.fiber dependent. This works fine when using default en_US localization.


      However, I need to use custom localization. Executing copylocale on SDK3.5 populates the SDK folders with neccessary locale specific swc-s but not the FB4 plugins folder which results in compilation fault saying that there is no locale specific fiber classes.


      So.. my question is, how do I create locale specific fiber framework? Is there any additional utility like copylocale for plugins?

      Perhaps I should just run copylocale on SDK4 and copy the files manually?